Inspire – Create – Install

Helping to bring your ideas to reality. Working together to create beautiful homes. I will provide detailed schemes, layouts and estimates.

Starting with our free consultation visit. Discussing ideas and options. I will then return with a few different looks as we start the design process. I like to ensure everyone is happy with our selections. We then can provide detailed estimates of the work required.
I like to work transparently with my clients. So when trade discounts are available I will pass these on.

How We Work

Wallpaper – We can sample and supply from an extensive range of suppliers.

Paint – We deal with a number of paint companies and therefore can specify the perfect colour. We also offer guidance on which is the best type of paint to use.

Curtains – We have two workrooms and can offer a very high-quality custom-made product in a realistic timeframe.

Cushions – We deal with a few custom cushion makers who have the lovely skill of creating voluptuous inviting cushions. Whether it is scattering or yacht upholstery, all this can be done!

Blinds – We deal with all types of blinds and are not limited with what we can recommend.

Shutters – We can talk through the variations available and can also supply a range of shutters.

Flooring – We can source a wide range of flooring from Amtico, tiles, stone, carpet, rugs and wood.

Furniture – We can source new products but are also happy to work with the client’s own furniture.

Art – We can give advice and guidance on making an investment purchase of art, sourcing a colourful print or investing in photography.

Accessories – We are delighted to assist clients in sourcing accessories. This is all part of the service.

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